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Can you help your faction dominate the star lanes? Use your thoughtship to move drones to capture or create production centers. Work with allies to create and reinforce strategic centers and expand your base of ownership for your corporation!

A list of topics can be found under Help. All the available commands are listed here. You can see how you size up against the competition on the leaderboards. Not near your Echo? You can check in on the game and send messages to other players through the web interface.

You can plot with your faction, reports bugs, and make feature requests in the Discussion Forum.

An Audio Game for the Amazon EchoEdit

Starlanes is an interactive, voice-based game where the objective is to help your – the player’s – faction dominate the Star Lanes. Using the Alexa Service, you direct the actions of your thoughtship by speaking to the ship's computer. You use voice commands to navigate the star lanes, check for enemy activity, deploy and pick up your own faction's drones, and control the production in newly opened territory.  Successful players will manage the following issues:

§  How will you expand your base of ownership for your corporation?

§  How will you create and/or reinforce strategic centers?

§  How will you cultivate allies while maintaining your competitive advantage?

Starlanes 4.0Edit

Starlanes is curently going through the next phase of development. There are a number of new features that you will see coming out in the next few weeks.

  • Star Improvements. You can add extra builds to the stars you own. This can be pre-viewed in the web interface. Voice commands will be added for this.
  • Buying Talents. The web interface will support Login-with-Amazon and Pay-with-Amazon if you want to buy more currency.

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